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Who Are We?
【Back Column Hit Gold】was founded in the spring of 2018 by Jathan Fong and Iris Kwong, two Hong Kong girls fascinated by traditional metalsmithing skills.

Back Column means “back alley” in Cantonese. Aimed to provide customers a peaceful and secret space to leave their busy life, just sit back and relax to enjoy an out-of-traditional metalsmithing class with colleagues and friends.

Participants do not need to have any previous experience in DIY, we will start the workshop with designing, preparing materials, engraving patterns and letters and finish your own piece of jewelry with polishing. You will love your unique handmade metal accessories with memories and emotion.
Meet Our Instructors!

Jathan Fong
Jathan Fong is a Hong Kong jewellery designer and co-founder of Back Column Hit Gold, with a long passion for local traditional metalsmithing arts and techniques. She believes that creativity has no boundaries and her vast knowledge and skills enable her to turn traditional metalsmithing methods into modern pieces of art which everyone can enjoy. You will meet her in the studio on both weekend and weekday workshops!

Besides her passion in teaching student metalsmithing art from zero, recently in 2019, she also established her very own jewellery brand “Jathan Jewellery”.

Iris Kwong
Iris’s visited Taiwan to learn silversmithing skill from an old master and successfully crafted her first unique silver ring, which seeded her strong interest in metalsmithing. Later, she followed a senior metalsmith master to enhance their skill and returned to Taiwan again in order learn from a metalsmith artists to further improve her knowledge and brought her skill to another level. Join our weekend workshop to learn from her!