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We will provide you with all materials and equipment required. Of course, feel free to bring your camera to capture the lovely moments.

Sure! Don't worry, just bring a photo of the person who you want to make a bracelet to. We will choose the right size for you.

There are two ways to measure.

  1. The String Test

    You can measure his/her finger with a strip of paper or string. Start by cutting out a strip of paper. Wrap the paper around the base of the intended finger, and then mark where the paper overlaps. The length of the paper you measured in millimeters is the circumference of his/her finger. If the size of his/her finger below the knuckle drastically differs in size from the knuckle itself, measure his/he knuckle as well and choose a size that falls more in the middle of these two measurements.

  2. The Secret Test
    Download the finger size checker HERE and print out in actual size ratio. You must double check the accuracy by using a ruler to make sure the actual size on the print out is correct.

    Find a ring that he/she one currently wears and make sure he/she wears that ring on the ¬finger you are making for. Place it over the finger size checker until you find one that matches the INSIDE edge of the ring.

With our professionals, we will make sure you are guided every single step of the process. Our customers always leave with an enjoyable experience and a professional looking piece of jewelry.

Firstly, their color are difference. Secondly, Sterling Silver is more durable and suitable for daily wear. Copper and Brass are easier to handle but will also become oxidized easily. Silver requires more steps (and MORE FUN is promised!) to finish and it will be a piece of jewelry you love with memories which will last forever.