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4 Lessons Certification Program
Duration: 1.5 hrs x 4 lessons
*This class is only available on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Level: Beginner+
You will learn:
This 4-lessons Metalsmithing Certification Program is absolutely perfect for those who are interested in getting deeper in metalsmithing skill then just having a fun evening! We will walk you through from basic metalsmithing skill to advance technique which you can use to develop your own jewellery making. NO previous metalsmithing experience is required but preferable if you have any kind of handcrafting experience before joining, it will definitely help to understand and perform better in the program.
You will complete a pair of earrings and a bracelet at the end of the program with a Certificate issued by Back Column Hit Gold.

Lesson 1:
-Workplace safety in a metalsmithing studio
-Use of basic metalsmithing tools and equipment
-Use of drilling tools
-How to cut metal with saw frame & saw blade
-Drafting skill on metal
【Practice】Cut out four shapes on a metal sheet

Lesson 2:
-Use of different filing tools
-Knowledge of filing and polishing theory
-Make patterns on metal with hammers
-Add texture on metal surface with embellishment tools
【Practice】File the shapes we cut out and do patterns on them

Lesson 3:
-Annealing and observe the color change of metal
-Use of Torch and skill of controlling the fire temperature
-Soldering theory and use of tools
-Metal clean up procedure after soldering
【Practice】Annealing on 925 silver and soldering them into a pretty circles

Lesson 4:
-Use of different metal bending pliers
-Knowledge of various forming mandrels
-How to do polish after soldering
-Metal circle knitting skill
【Practice】Polish the circles and metal kintting
  • Original: $4900 @
  • Special: $4200 @
  • Friends Super Special (2 persons or more) $3900/person