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Triple Magic Keychain
Duration: 2 hrs
Level: Beginner+
You will learn:
- Metal scratching skill
- Saw Blade metal cutting
- Texturing and patterning
- Filing
- Soldering and theory
- Polishing by hand and machine

Note: This Triple Magic Keychain contains three different kind of metals, e.g. Silver, Copper and Brass, can be arranged of your choice.

You can design your pendant in any shape you like, e.g. heart, waterdrop, seashell, triangle etc.
  • Original: $1470 @
  • Special: $950 @
  • Friends Super Special (2 persons or more) $790/person
A gift box with your own decoration (We will provide seasonal decoration accessories during festival too!)
Add Diamond:
This is optional, you can decide whether to add some sparkle to your work at the end of the class):
Size of diamond:
  • 1mm: $300@
  • 2mm: $390@
  • 3mm: $500@