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Silver Stamped & Textured Pendant
Duration: 3 hrs
Level: Beginner+
You will learn:
- Silver scratching skill
- Saw Blade metal cutting
- Texturing and patterning
- Filing
- Soldering and theory
- Polishing by hand and machine

Note: You can design your pendant in any shape you like, e.g. heart, waterdrop, seashell, triangle etc.
  • Original: $1210 @
  • Special: $780 @
  • Friends Super Special (2 persons or more) $650/person
A gift box with your own decoration (We will provide seasonal decoration accessories during festival too!)
Add Diamond:
This is optional, you can decide whether to add some sparkle to your work at the end of the class):
Size of diamond:
  • 1mm: $300@
  • 2mm: $390@
  • 3mm: $500@